VOR Consulting works with a variety of company sizes and types to implement a results-driven sales  strategies and processes. Our services are designed to accelerate business growth through strategic consulting practices specifically designed to create and manage revenue generation, while simultaneously leveraging a network of 1099 sales people to drive top line growth.


Direct Consulting


Our founders have experience in building sales teams, exceeding quotas and building/selling companies. Our Tier 1 engagement is a direct consulting model, working with your team to accelerate the growth of any business while focusing on revenue generation, simultaneously growing the pipeline and defining a repeatable, scalable structure so our clients are successful in the long term.

We work directly with clients in order to deliver the following:

Brand Messaging and Alignment

Define and Implement Sales Structure

Generate Demand

Revenue Growth

Sales coaching

Client Penetration Strategy

Marketing Automation and Strategy

Creating Buyer Identity Profiles

Sales Management Training

CRM Implementation

Referral Network

Our unique hands on and 1099 approach allows us to focus on the business practice and execution, while a team of qualified sales people deliver the message and generate opportunity on behalf of the business.