VOR Consulting engaged in a 4 month agreement with Adaza to provide the following deliverables:

  • Define user workflow for both sides of 1099 marketplace
  • Advise on front end interaction and how to properly track through CRM
  • Construct sales cycle for both companies and 1099s
  • Guide technology stack to improve user experience
  • Refine marketing language and pitch material

During the engagement, Adaza saw incredible growth in both sides of the marketplace, along with accelerated production of their technology infrastructure.  Over the course of 4 months, the companies that signed onto Adaza's platform increase by 300%, while the 1099's increased by 200%. In addition to growth, we saw the time to value increase by shortening the on-boarding process. While simultaneously building the revenue side of the business, we also aided in the development of the technology infrastructure, providing detailed feedback and suggestions on how to increase user interaction through workflows. As a result, the Adaza technology team was able to finish its build of their marketplace months in advance of the projected deadline, saving thousands of dollars and hundreds of development hours.