VOR follows a proven process in order to ensure the success of each and every client


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After a careful evaluation of the current business principles and processes, we begin to articulate the vision of the company and draw out specific areas of improvement that we tie to key deliverables, including a CRM audit.

Sales Development

As an additional arm of the sales team, VOR can actively close business alongside current reps in order to accelerate revenues and mitigate the difficulties and expense of hiring additional account executives.

Sales & Go-To-Market Strategy

Upon evaluating the business, we define a strategy that allows you to capitalize on current assets and turn sales/marketing efforts into well defined and measurable outputs in order to define areas of success and improvement.

Sales Execution

Refining the language, script and cadence are all part of the sales process. We will work with the current sales team to refine current outbound efforts so that everyone on the staff is unified in their messaging and can handle rebuttals properly, while moving leads down the sales cycle.

Processes & Infrastructure

With a heavy focus on creating a scalable sales architecture, we define and implement an internal strategy that takes leads from the top of the funnel through close of business, while curating the the buyer journey and ensuring proper tracking.

Preferred Partners

VOR focuses on sales, that’s what we’re best at, but we know our clients may be looking for more. We’ve assembled a network of stellar partners in marketing, branding, development, design and more.